Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disneyland Trip #2 April 14-16

Yes we went to disneyland again!! It's my favorite place and I have season passes and my family was going so we went again! We ended up flying because I found cheap tickets and I can't handle the thought of driving with a 3 and 1 year old for 12 hours! Even the two hour flight was hard!! They just don't want to sit still and the elevation hurt Grady's ears so he screamed a lot! But we made it there (I flew alone with the boys! Quite the accomplishment!) The boys had so much fun this trip because their three aunts were there to play and hold and give them everything they wanted!! My family now realizes the huge muscles I have from holding them all the time! They all had sore arms!! Aiden's new favorite ride this time was Haunted Mansion, he can sing most of the song to you thanks to Carlie! And Grady still loves Winnie the Pooh! He now says pooh all the time!! (He's really starting to say a lot of words lately!!) Mine of course was Splash Mountain!! We stayed almost everynight until midnight! The boys were such troopers and usually stayed up with us! Don't worry we slept for two days when we got back!! We love Disneyland!!!

They loved taking turns pulling each other around!!
Eating a healthy breakfast!