Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aiden's 4th Birthday!!

I am late posting again! But Aiden's birthday was Sept. 28th and he turned 4! I still wake up and can't believe he is so old and becoming such a smart little boy! He's not a baby anymore! On the sunday before his birthday we had a party at my mom's house and had presents, cake, and ice cream. He got clothes and books and a game, and a spiderman costume for halloween (that he wants to wear everyday) but his favorite gift was a spiderman scooter from grandma and grandpa! He was riding it outside and said "this is my favorite present ever!" Then on his birthday that monday we had a party at the park with Gracie, (his cousin that was born the same day) and Eric's side of the family! The hit present of that party was the hair stuff Gracie got (princess straightner, curling iron, blow dryer) all the boys wanted to play hair stylist! He had lots of fun, his friends Damon and Austin came and gave him gifts! And grandma Debbie came from Ephraim and that always makes his day! Plus he got $30 cash in birthday cards! Now when he tells me he has money he's not lying! We all had a great time and love Aiden very much! He continues to surprise me with his sweet smart fun personality and I love being his mom! Love you Aiden!

Aiden still wearing his costume days later