Friday, February 20, 2009

Sledding!! Sort of!

After watching Brooke's video of her kids sledding with their dog Aiden has been begging me to go sledding! So we went to grandpa's in hopes of sledding down a hill of some kind! When we got there we found no snow on the hills and only some in the backyard! So we had to pull Aiden! This is a lot more work than it sounds like! We all had to take turns being his horse! But he loved it! So his first sledding experience was a success but hopefully next time we can find some good hills!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disneyland!! Feb 2-6 2009

I haven't posted this trip yet because there's a lot to say! It was by far my best disneyland trip yet, and I've been on a lot! Staying 4 days and staying at the disneyland hotel were two things I've never done which helped make it wonderful!! Plus we flew(I hate driving) so that also helps! I loved the hotel, it just felt like you never left the park because everything was decorated disney and random characters walked the halls saying hi to the kids and the pool was awesome! We only got to swim one day but Aiden loved it!! It was a peter pan pool with an ariel themed hot tub! I think he loved the slide the most he only went down it a hundred times! We had sooo much fun at the parks! Aiden's favorites: Buzz Lightyear, Jungle Cruise, Dumbo, Small World, Fantasmic and Tarzan treehouse! Least favorites: Matterhorn, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Honey I shrunk the Audience! Grady loved everything but seeing Tigger and Pooh was his favorite! We were able to go back to the hotel for naps and since it wasn't crowded we got pretty much every ride in that we wanted! I'm telling you I couldn't ask for a better trip! We had perfect weather and it started raining right when our van came to pick us up to go home! And to top it all off Eric bought us season passes!! So anyone who wants to go to disneyland give me a call and I'm on board! Thank you Eric for the trip of my Life! You were so wonderful the whole trip and really tried to make it great for me and the boys, even though it's not your idea of a relaxing trip! We will remember it forever!

See you soon Mickey!! (I hope really soon!)