Friday, May 30, 2008

6 Random things about me.....
Autum tagged me!

1.My younger sister knocked me out when I was younger by throwing a piece of a cow bone at my head! I even have a small scar to prove it!!!

2.I am a great horse rider! (no matter what Eric tells you)

3.I hate the feeling of pulling ice out of ice cube trays with my fingernails!

4.Before I was married I thought I never wanted kids, and now I can't get enough of my kids!

5.I performed in the Ballet West Nutcracker twice when I was younger!

6.I might have some information about some missing football boards from West Jordan football players! Or not!

I tag Lauren, Leslie, Courtney, and Debbie

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well, we had a good weekend with the typical bbq and cemetary visits! Aiden was so excited to carry the flowers to his great grandparents graves! He felt so grown up and actually enjoyed himself each time we went! Also if you know my husband he can't stay away from RC Willey, so when there is a big sale that's where we will be! We ended up getting all new appliances for our kitchen which I love! I have more room in my fridge and it's so easy to clean a flat range stove top!!! And no more crappy dishwasher, even though any dishwasher is better than none for me! Just ask Eric about our first year of marriage!
Aiden made a "house" out of one of the boxes and he invited Grady over to play! They sure find joy in the simplest things! Anyway, we had a great weekend as a family and I'm glad we could take time to remember those who came before us! We owe a lot to them!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A visit to Grandma's House

Tuesday night we went down to Ephriam to visit Grandma Debbie. We had chinese food for dinner, Aiden and cousin Gracie loved the noodles the best! You should have seen the mess under the table!! The two of them had so much fun together, they rode their tricycles all day and helped Grandpa Mark plant peas in the garden! They are best cousins! The best part of the trip was either the brownies Grandma made us or the new haircut Aunt Lauren got! Either way we had lots of fun!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Well, friday nights around have changed a bit! But i still have tons of fun with my little boyfriends. Eric was working last night so we got pizza and had a party ourselves! The bath is a huge highlight of the night for Aiden and Grady! Lauren my sister in law came over with one month old Korbin, Aiden trys to be so helpful with him and is so proud to be big enough to hold him. We love him very much, he is a great addition to our extended family! (Aiden also really loves Korbin's dad, Jeremy!) Sometimes the best dates are at home with your fam!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Catmull Kids

My life right now is pretty much run by these two guys, so who better to talk about first! Aiden James and Grady Dean are the highlight of my days and sometimes nights! They keep me running and cleaning and happy to be a mom! I never knew I could love any two people soooo much! Aiden is an energetic, talkative two year old and Grady my sweet but stubborn 8 month old! Who knew I would love this mom stuff so much, but I do!