Friday, May 30, 2008

6 Random things about me.....
Autum tagged me!

1.My younger sister knocked me out when I was younger by throwing a piece of a cow bone at my head! I even have a small scar to prove it!!!

2.I am a great horse rider! (no matter what Eric tells you)

3.I hate the feeling of pulling ice out of ice cube trays with my fingernails!

4.Before I was married I thought I never wanted kids, and now I can't get enough of my kids!

5.I performed in the Ballet West Nutcracker twice when I was younger!

6.I might have some information about some missing football boards from West Jordan football players! Or not!

I tag Lauren, Leslie, Courtney, and Debbie


Autum and Rob said...

I never knew you once didn't want to have kids. You are such a great mom!

Terry said...

WOW, your sister knocked you out? Are you sure? She must have some arm there. By the way, what are football boards??? Love your blog. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.