Thursday, May 15, 2008

A visit to Grandma's House

Tuesday night we went down to Ephriam to visit Grandma Debbie. We had chinese food for dinner, Aiden and cousin Gracie loved the noodles the best! You should have seen the mess under the table!! The two of them had so much fun together, they rode their tricycles all day and helped Grandpa Mark plant peas in the garden! They are best cousins! The best part of the trip was either the brownies Grandma made us or the new haircut Aunt Lauren got! Either way we had lots of fun!


Autum and Rob said...

Your trip to good old Ephraim looks fun! We will be going to Sanpete for memorial weekend. What are your plans? You have two cute and fun boys. Do you have pictures of Korbin that you could send me? Do you think he will be little like Lauren? Your blog is cute. I like to check it to see what you guys are up to since we haven't all gotten together since I had the baby...sorry. Take care.

Kirstin said...

What haircut did Lauren get? That makes me wonder....she didn't go too short did she? Sounds like a nice time in Sanpete. I don't think I will even make it down for Scandinavian days this year....oh well. Lets please get together soon...I know i know...I just need to pick up the phone and call you...and I will...I promise.

Mel & Mike said...

we should set up a play date for sure. where are you living now?

PS.. I love your playlist!! it's TOTAL Tara : )