Friday, September 25, 2009

The Circus is in Town!!

We got tickets to the circus a month or so ago because we thought it would be something fun to do for the boys birthdays! Aiden's birthday is on monday the 28th and Grady loves elephants so this is kindof for his birthday too! We didn't get there in time to go and pet the animals but we did get to the pre show and right when we got there they brought out two elephants and had one paint and kick a soccer ball and dunk a basketball! The boys were amazed!! Grady couldn't even talk he just stared! When they left he kept saying "bye, bye ephant" Aiden was amazed at all the tricks they could do! Then we went to our seats and watched the circus! They did really well through out but they were most amazed with the elephants and the tigers and the guys on the big wheel things! It was pretty cool all the tricks they did, they even made an elephant disappear! Grandma was too nice and bought them overly priced toys! Grady of course got an elephant (he has named it mumbo) and Aiden had to have the binaculars! They love their toys! We had a great time and I'm glad all of my family could come and enjoy it with us! I know the boys will never forget it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Grady's 2nd Birthday!!

I know I'm slow posting this, but better late than never. Grady's 2nd birthday was August 28th! I can't believe my baby is 2!! I guess he's really not a baby anymore! He really loves elephants!! I don't know where it came from but he loves them, so we had an elephant themed party!! His cake was an elephant (or that's what it's supposed to be, you be the judge) he had elephant balloons and tons of elephant gifts!! He loved it! We had a lot of family and friends come to the park to have cake and ice cream and gifts with us! Grady had a great time! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us and thanks for his fun gifts!