Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aiden's Newest Trick!

After watching my friend Kirstin's blog all the time of Damon riding his bike without training wheels, Aiden thought he was ready to try it himself! He asked Eric to take off his training wheels, so this last Tuesday he did and Aiden was pretty sure that he would be able to ride it right away! I was amazed at how quickly he got it! The first day if we held his seat until he got some speed, he could ride all over by himself! No major crashes! The next day I showed him how to push with his feet until he got enough speed to pedal. Now he starts, rides and stops all by himself! He's already finding little hills to ride over when he goes to the church parking lot! He is so proud of himself, everyone he sees he tells them about how he can ride his bike! I can't believe he's growing up so fast! Today a bike with no training wheels, tomorrow a drivers license! :(

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

During my blogging hiatus I didn't blog about my Grandpa Kennard passing away, so I want to write about our trip to Logan to see his grave. Megan and I drove together with my boys in her car. (They love aunt Megan's car) We were almost there when Grady said "I'm sick I need to go to the doctor!" I think he was either getting car sick or just wanted to get out! He has learned when he doesn't feel good he asks to go to the doctor. So we got there and picked up some flowers for his grave and then went to the cemetery. His headstone just got put in and it looks great! I love that it is a standing one and that they can put the names of all their children on the back. My grandma wrote a beautiful poem that they put on the back as well. It's hard to think that I will never see him again in this life, but I know I will in the next! He was such a wonderful man who lived an amazing life and raised a beautiful family! I am so grateful to be in that family! And to know that we will be an eternal family! My grandpa served in the military when he was young so when we were at his burial site back in December they had a couple soldiers there and they were going to play taps but the trumpet didn't work, so on Monday we had my cousin Nathan play it. He did a great job, it made us all cry! It was great to be there with family remembering a wonderful man! After, we went to a park and ate lunch and the boys played with their cousins. It was a great day, we love and miss you Grandpa!

Frankland Ralph Kennard
Oct. 21, 1925- Dec. 26, 2009

The boys took turns putting our flowers down.