Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Clause

The boys went to see Santa today! Aiden went right up to him and sat on his knee and told him he wanted a train for Christmas! Grady was fine when he was looking at him but as soon as we put him on his lap, he started screaming! They loved the train that drives around Santa the most, they rode it twice and loved every minute! I love Christmas because of moments like these!Oh yeah and on Saturday they got to meet the Grinch at my mom's Christmas party! Grady thought he was a little questionable too but no crying!

First Hair Cut!

It's been a long time coming but we finally cut Grady's hair. He did so good and didn't even cry or move around too much! He looks a lot older to me know but the old hair do was looking a lot like a little girl! I could almost put it in a ponytail!! Here are the before and after pictures!
Love you Goose!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Festival of the Trees

For the past few years my mom and sisters and I have gone to the festival of the trees in SLC! We went tonight and had a fun time! The boys had their moments, but for the most part did ok! Well Aiden did sleep through half of it in the stroller! It's just not Christmas time without going to see a huge room filled with beautiful Christmas trees and awesome Gingerbread houses! And who could leave without getting the cinnamon scones! I love Christmas time and I love the traditions we have in my family! Someday we should do a tree girls!! (There was a pretty cool Twilight tree there as well!)

With Aunt Carlie and the famous wands we always get!!
Aiden asleep and no Grady is not sleeping sitting up, he just has his eyes shut!

Aiden just woke up and didn't want any pictures!

P.S. Could anything be cuter than walking in my room and hearing Aiden talking to Grady and I look around the corner of the bed to find him reading a book to him just snuggled between my bed and Grady's crib! Moments like that are far and in between for me and I love them so much!!


I know this post is late but oh well! We had a great Thanksgiving at my mother in law, Debbie's house! She is such an awesome woman and a wonderful host! She did a lot of cooking and preparing for this day and made it wonderful for all of us as ususal! We love you Deb!! This is Grady's pre dinner warm up!! He like his Grandpa Kennard loves Thanksgiving!!!Here we are eating and eating and eating!

Aiden and Gracie playing upstairs!

Here is everyone after eating! Maybe Debbie had a little too much to drink!! :) We had a great time and really love our family! That's what makes a holiday all about food great to me, are the people I get to eat it with! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!