Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know this post is late but oh well! We had a great Thanksgiving at my mother in law, Debbie's house! She is such an awesome woman and a wonderful host! She did a lot of cooking and preparing for this day and made it wonderful for all of us as ususal! We love you Deb!! This is Grady's pre dinner warm up!! He like his Grandpa Kennard loves Thanksgiving!!!Here we are eating and eating and eating!

Aiden and Gracie playing upstairs!

Here is everyone after eating! Maybe Debbie had a little too much to drink!! :) We had a great time and really love our family! That's what makes a holiday all about food great to me, are the people I get to eat it with! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Hunter Family said...

Drunkin Mother-in-law. Nice touch ;)