Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aiden finished swimming lessons!

He started lessons the beginning of March and yesterday was his final class! He did so well! Over the three weeks he learned to float on his back, and hold his breath under water, and back stroke while floating and kick his little feet while floating! And coolest of all he jumped off the diving board! The first time the teacher took them to do it he jumped right in and has never been afraid! He loves it and is quite the little fish! We look forward to the summer when we can go swimming all the time!

His pre shower each time!
Jumping right in to start class! He is the one under the water!
sorry it's a bad picture it's through the glass! But that is him swimming on his back! Alone!! (sorry I'm a little proud!)

Here he is with his completion certificate and a sucker! Congrats Aiden!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight DVD Release Party!!! (sorry it's long)

Where do I even start with this post!! It was such a crazy fun night!! I was always planning on going to buy the movie at midnight but when we heard that a star from the movie was going to be at the Riverton Walmart of course I had to go! So my wonderful husband stayed home all night with the boys while me and my sisters left around 8 to head up to the Walmart! We were meeting up with my friends from high school Leslie and Melanee! As we pulled into the parking lot it wasn't anymore crowded than any other Walmart so we were thinking maybe not as many people knew about it as we thought! WOW were we wrong! We walked around and looked at the set up and the stuff for sale at midnight and saw a line forming so we followed it thinking that is where we needed to be! I wrapped around the whole back of the store! So Megan and I left Carlie and Courtney in line to go see what was happening. Megan ended up standing in the "for Walmart manager's friends and family section only" and told them she new him so they let her stay! I ended up in the mosh pit where Leslie and Melanee and Amber later joined me! After what seemed like forever she came in through the doors, Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)! Everyone screamed and was really excited! Megan got a front row view and shook her hand and was later interviewed by one of the news stations!! (Lucky) Well she stayed there and I left to find my other sisters and got some of the free food they were giving out! After awhile we decided to get out of line because we were too far back anyway. So we got in line to buy the DVD when Megan calls and tells us she got her DVD signed and for us to come over so she could sneak us in by her! Leslie and Melanee had already got in with Megan and after countless Walmart employees telling us to turn around we can't go this way, we finally made it through and sat watching Rachelle sign everyone's stuff! She is so pretty and nice! She stayed until almost 2 in the morning to make sure everyone that was in line got signed!! So when we saw the end of the line coming we hurried and ran in so we could get one last thing signed too! That is what the video is of her talking to us as we walk by with our books! It was sooooo much fun and crazy! I love being around my fellow Twilight obessesed people! My husband and most other people I know just don't understand! And since we were about the last twenty people there she shook our hands as she was leaving!! So at 2 am we started our drive home, laughing and talking about our fun night! It was all worth it, even though we would really have loved to see Rob or Taylor, we were glad we had Rachelle who was so sweet and nice to all of her fans!! Now I will have to wait until November for my next midnight premiere experience!!!

Waiting for Rachelle in the mosh pit!
As she walked into the store!
These pictures are of people on both sides of me while in line to buy the DVD! This is not including the line that wraps around the back of the store!
This is the view from where Megan was sitting! We stood here the rest of the night and just watched and got people in line to have her sign our stuff!
Our whole group finally together!

With all of our autographed stuff! Please excuse the stupid things I say in the vidoe! I was a little star struck!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aquarium Trip

Today the boys and I went with my two sisters to the Living Planet Aquarium. (I think that's what it's called) It was pretty cool, they had lots of different fish and a tide pool that you could touch the sting rays. Aiden wouldn't even touch the water he was too scared! But Grady got hands and feet in at times, he was too short to reach the animals though! I even touched them a few times and they are slimey feeling! There was a pretend pirate boat that Aiden liked because he was Jack Sparrow! (you'll notice the video of him being Jack Sparrow) It was fun and not too crowded so the boys could walk around and look at the fish or frogs or snakes as they wanted! After we went to the Mayan so Aiden could watch the divers and he thought that was "Awesome" he tried to do some diving of his own! We had a really fun time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zoo trip number 3!

Since I started this blog this is my third post about going to the zoo! Well there isn't much to say about the trip, it's pretty much the same as always! But we got some cute pictures and of course the boys loved it! Grady really enjoys it now because he walks a lot of the time with Aiden and can see the animals and tells us what they say! Aiden just wanted to get in with the zebras again! We had a fun day together!

I guess he didn't want to sit by me!
This is at the cougars cage! Grady's crazy hair is from sleeping in the car!
Talking to the animals!

He loves the elephants!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

BYU basketball game!!

Tonight me my dad my two sisters and the boys went to a BYU basketball game! The boys had a lot of fun!! They were cheering and clapping and Aiden would yell, "B Y cougars!! B Y cougars" over and over!! He really liked the flipping cheerleaders too! Megan told Aiden that he could be a basketball player too and she said look that's you, pointing to the players. He said Courtney look that's me!! Grady really enjoyed the stairs and running in the hallway the second half of the game! But he still clapped everytime he heard the crowd cheer! It was a lot of fun and some work but I'm glad they had a good time! Oh and Aiden ate two whole hot dogs!! WOW!