Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zoo trip number 3!

Since I started this blog this is my third post about going to the zoo! Well there isn't much to say about the trip, it's pretty much the same as always! But we got some cute pictures and of course the boys loved it! Grady really enjoys it now because he walks a lot of the time with Aiden and can see the animals and tells us what they say! Aiden just wanted to get in with the zebras again! We had a fun day together!

I guess he didn't want to sit by me!
This is at the cougars cage! Grady's crazy hair is from sleeping in the car!
Talking to the animals!

He loves the elephants!


Joey...Leslie...Aspen...Clayton said...

Next time you go, you'll have to let me know! My mom buys us a family pass to the zoo for the kids each year...and we don't go often enough!

Marisa Jean said...

Yes, but this time you got pictures of giraffes--one of my favorites! AND you got to take the hubby with you. Can't get better than that.