Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catmull Kids

My life right now is pretty much run by these two guys, so who better to talk about first! Aiden James and Grady Dean are the highlight of my days and sometimes nights! They keep me running and cleaning and happy to be a mom! I never knew I could love any two people soooo much! Aiden is an energetic, talkative two year old and Grady my sweet but stubborn 8 month old! Who knew I would love this mom stuff so much, but I do!


amber & cody said...

Yay for blogs, I'm so glad you have one! We LOVE your boys, being around Aiden makes us so excited to have our own little boy (we just hope he's as cute as Aiden is!) You guys are the best! oh and our blog is if you want to stay updated on our boring lives :)

Leslie said...

Who knew you'd love being a Mom so much! This coming from someone who never wanted boys! They are too freakin' cute! And I'm so happy that you are blogging!

Debbie said...

Yes....I am the Grandmother to these two very handsome little young men. Thank you, Thank you....oh it is no bother taking tons of your time to talk about the many talents and attributes these little boys have, really....I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that they are who they are because of two very extraordinary parents!! Love you all, the Ephraim Grandma.

Grandma Joyce said...

You are such a good mom. Thanks for
letting us see your good works on your
blog. I love Aiden's voice. They are such
little sweethearts.