Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well, we had a good weekend with the typical bbq and cemetary visits! Aiden was so excited to carry the flowers to his great grandparents graves! He felt so grown up and actually enjoyed himself each time we went! Also if you know my husband he can't stay away from RC Willey, so when there is a big sale that's where we will be! We ended up getting all new appliances for our kitchen which I love! I have more room in my fridge and it's so easy to clean a flat range stove top!!! And no more crappy dishwasher, even though any dishwasher is better than none for me! Just ask Eric about our first year of marriage!
Aiden made a "house" out of one of the boxes and he invited Grady over to play! They sure find joy in the simplest things! Anyway, we had a great weekend as a family and I'm glad we could take time to remember those who came before us! We owe a lot to them!


Autum and Rob said...

I love your new kitchen appliances! That sounds just like Rob, except we just dream about getting things until we get out house to put them in!

Autum and Rob said...

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