Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summerfest weekend!

aiden, tara, grady, aspen, leslie, and clayton
This weekend was Summerfest here in Orem. My friend Leslie and her kids came to watch the parade as well as Lauren, My mom, and Megan. We also ran into Riley and Emily Anderson. Riley was in the guard with Eric and just got back from Iraq. The kids really loved the parade! We had front row seating since the parade route goes right in front of my house. (The only perk about living on Center St.) They got a lot of candy and really enjoyed the floats! Aiden loved Captain Jack Sparrow and Aspen loved all the Princesses she saw! (Mostly the Cities Royalty girls) Even through all the noise Grady managed to get a little nap in! The Costco float was throwing out something but we couldn't see what it was and when Aiden went to catch it, it was a role of toilet paper! But he didn't mind, his exact words were, "We did it!" once he grabbed it! The kids had lots of fun playing together and Leslie and I had a long needed catching up session! I had a great time and hope to hang out with her and her kids more often! Thanks for coming to visit Les! You gotta love summer and the events that make it memorable!

Don't forget the toilet paper! Thanks Costco!!


Leslie said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys on Saturday! Aspen keeps talking about her new friends!! We definitely need to hang out more often! Thanks again!

Mel & Mike said...

I'm so sad that I missed it!!! he looks like a lot of fun, especially the free TP : ) I would really love to see both of you and the kiddos.

Ephraim Grandma said...

I loved reading everything and smiling at all the pictures. I am having a hard time not smiling after looking at both your blog space and Lauren's. Such creative daughters!!! Love you all, Mom Plummer