Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teton Trip 2008

This last weekend we went on a family reunion trip to the Tetons National Park! I myself have never been there and wasn't quite sure what to expect. After a long 6 to 7 hour drive up there with three kids (Aiden 2, Grady 10 months, and Korbin 3 months) we finally got to this beautiful place! The kids were really pretty good on the ride up by the way! I was amazed at the huge mountain peaks and the beautiful clean lakes and rivers all around them!

We got up Saturday morning and packed up to go on a hike! I know a hike with two kids, what were we thinking, but it turned out to only be a half mile hike and that was why we survived! Before we got to where we were going to hike we had to take a quick boat trip across Jenny Lake! Again more extremely beautiful places! I was really in awe of how peaceful and clean the lake was! Next time we go I want to try and canoe on it!!! (If eric will go with me so I don't get stuck in the middle of the lake!)

Here we are on the boat! Aiden would have loved to go for a swim!

Eric and Aiden stopped to enjoy the river for a minute!

We are almost to the waterfall in this picture, and I'm not even breaking a sweat! :)

Here we are at the waterfall!! This picture doesn't do it justice though! I've never seen such an amazing waterfall before, it was so perfect that it seemed like it was out the movies! It was definately worth the hike with two boys, even though one was really heavy and the other couldn't stop wanting to touch everything on the way! You can guess which is which!!

What a face!!!

This is the Catmull Family! Eric's Aunt Joyce, his Dad, and Aunt Rexenne

Joyce's daughter Stephanie, Eric, his sister Lauren, and Rexenne's daughter Christie

There are a lot more people in each family but these were the one's who could come this year! All the in laws and grandkids were there just not in this picture!

After eating lunch by the falls we hiked back down and went back across the lake. We then went back to our cabins and had so time to take naps! All the kids were sooo tired and so were we! After we got up we went down by Jackson Lake and had a dutch oven dinner and told stories about our anncestors! We sang some songs by the fire and the boys got really dirty playing in the dirt, even Grady! We got back and we all took showers and got ready for bed! The next morning we had our own Sacrament meeting as a family and it was really special! Eric was even asked to give a talk! The whole weekend turned out to be really fun and I'm glad we were able to be part of this family tradition! I would love to go again next year! Here are some fun pics of the kids throughout the trip!

Grady and Korbin

Me, Korbin, Lauren, Eric, Grady, Aiden, and Grandpa Curt

A lot of time spent in the carseats!!

Our cute little cabin!

And sleeping on the way home!! Thanks everyone for making it such a great reunion! And Lauren I'm so glad you came, I had so much fun with you and your mom!! Ha Ha


Leslie said...

Looks like you guys had lot's of fun! What a cute family!

amber and cody said...

Glad you had such a great trip, it looks like lots of fun! (especially the cabins/showers... thats my kind of camping :) I've never been to the Tetons either but from the pictures it looks beautiful! Miss you guys, Grady is getting so big! :)

Sims Family said...

lol I know i am glad i went too and i had alot of fun with your butt!!! lol wow that could sound bad to other people but we know we're funny!!!

Kirstin said...

Fun trip! Joe and I are going to go there soon to visit Jodi. I am excited. I am worried however that unlike you, I will be breaking a sweat! Your pics of it are way cute though!

Grandma Joyce said...

Tara, I just found out how easy it is to find
you. I googled your name and my name
came up too. They were quoting your blogsite.
Loved your pictures and hope that the many
hours of listening to babies cry in the car
are now drowned out by good memories.
You and Lauren are to be given medals.
Thank you Thank you for putting up with
all the craziness to make a good memory.
We loved being with your adorable family. You
are not an inlaw, you are one of us. I love when everyone is in the picture. Next time we will
make sure that happens.
You make
us better people. Thank you again!