Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Reunion!!

Lately it has been the year of reunions for me! I love it! Catching up with all my old friends and seeing what they have been doing the past 8 years and meeting their adorable kids! Well on Jan. 10th I had another get together with my good friends from my ballet days! You'd never know it by looking at me now, but these girls can tell you that I danced ballet for many years! I wanted to find an old picture of us to attach to this but they are at my mom's house, but I will try to find one! We went and had lunch at Allie's house and talked about our lives and looked through wedding albums! It was really fun and I'm glad to keep in touch with these great girls! I will always remember our Saturday at the studio making up the dance to the "dreams" song! Thanks for a great day girls, I hope to do it again soon! And thanks Marisa so getting it set up!

Top: Marisa and Me Bottom: Lindsee, Allie, and Brianne


Rich and Brianne said...

That was really fun! I'm so glad that we got together. And I loved your memory about that day. We had some great times.

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

I didn't know you did ballet, how fun! When did you stop? I would love to see some pictures of you dancing! :D

Mel. Mike. Chan. said...

I didn't know you danced with marisa. we need to do another reunion ourselves. we've planned a playdate for next saturday (31st) you should totally come if you're available.

Marisa Jean said...

This reunion was SO great! I can't wait for our next one. I have a million memories of us pooling for years and years, competitions and the "cow" costume (ha! who in world decided we should wear that?), to low riding in Andrea's car for our studio sleepover and on and on. Good times. I'm thinking May or June for our next one.