Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Pets!! New Job!!

The other day we were at my parents house and they still had my bird cage from six years ago when Eric bought me a bird while we were dating! I showed it to Aiden and he loved it and wanted to find a bird to put in there!! So we cleaned it out and went to the pet store and picked out a bird! In the pics there is only one bird but the next day we realized he needed a friend so we went and got another one! Aiden named the first one Foofy and the second one Tinkerbell! So those are their names and no one can change them!! (We tried Sky for the blue bird but he wouldn't have it) So the boys now have birds and they want to take them out all the time!! But they are going to become the class birds for the Storybook Preschool!! That's right I'm starting a preschool in the fall! I'm really nervous and kindof scared! But I'm going for it anyway!! Wish me luck!!
The inspiration for the name of my preschool!! You knew it would be something Disney!!! :)


Katie & Derek Miller said...

OOH how awesome when we move up next year when ry is 3 i just might have her come to your preschol thats so fun! go you!

Jenny said...

Well -- a big congratulations on the new family additions and your new school! You'll be great. How fantastic is that? If we were still in the area, I'd for sure have Callie enrolled in your school:)

Joey...Leslie...Aspen...Clayton said...

I'm so proud of you!! I bet Eric is happy! I wish I lived close so i could enroll Clayton! I love the name of your's so you! And don't you just love the names your kids pick out for your pets...we have gold fish named 'Ariel', 'Flounder', and 'Boog'- Clayton picked out the last one!! So we need to set a date for our girls weekend before school starts up!

Autum said...

You will be an awesome preschoool teacher! Good Luck!

I didn't know Eric gave you a bird when you were dating! You are such a fun mom, I bet your boys love the new pets!

I guess Joe and Kirstin are in Vegas right now. We need to all get together some time.

Marisa Jean said...

You are a total over-achiever! I'm excited to hear about your new endeavor. If I had a child, I'd for sure send them your way.

And I think the fact that Eric bought you a bird while you were dating is so random, and do adorable!

Hunter Family said...

The birds are cute... But I'm more excited about the preschool :)