Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grady in the baby contest!

My parents found out that the Freedom Festival Baby Contest had added an older category so Grady could enter the contest this year. They were bugging me and bugging me to do it. So we entered him in it, got him a cute new outfit and off we went. It was on June 19th and when Grady went up to the judges he was really shy. They tried to get him to talk a little and he said everything in a whisper, but it was cute anyway. Then we had to wait for the results forever! While we waited they had a play area for the kids. Aiden and Grady loved that part! Finally it was time for awards. His catergory came.... and went. He didn't place in his age group, so we were let down, but never really expected to win. Then they announced the honorable mention for the whole contest and Grady was one of the three names!! He got a medal and t shirt to wear in the parade on the 5th! He was pretty happy, he kept telling everyone, "I won, I won!" It was a fun day and after the contest we went to Toy Story 3, which we all loved! To bad my baby isn't really a baby anymore! Playing with the kids in the peanuts!

With Grandpa waiting for the results
Aiden playing too! The puppet Aiden made in the puppet show


Kirstin said...

I will agree he is a darn cute kiddo. Love him. Too bad there wasn't an age group for Aiden... He could have won with his speaking skills alone (and he is also freaking adorable!)

Marisa Jean said...

I didn't know they even had baby contests still--I would have given him an overall prize because he's so stinkin' cute!

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