Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 5 year Anniversary!!!

Today is our 5 year anniversary! I can't believe it! Sometimes it seems like it went so fast and others like we've been married much longer! :) I just wanted to tell Eric how much I love him and how I love our lives together so far and look forward to many more years! He makes my life wonderful everyday and he is a wonderful father to our two boys! We all love you EJ!!

This was taken just after he proposed on the steps of sleeping beauty's castle! Does he know me or what!! It was so romantic!

I love this picture because it shows the way I was feeling most of the time when I was with Eric! We were so in love! And still are!

Everyone loves to see us kiss! :)

He has such kissable cheeks!!

We went to San Diego on our honeymoon and we were able to go through the temple there! My favorite one! It was beautiful!

This is our first Halloween as a married little family!

These were our first kids! Figaro and Geppetto! Just had to throw them in here!

On our trip to california with two months to go until I popped!

Then came Aiden James 9-28-05

Next came Grady Dean
A lot has happened in 5 years and I have loved every minute of it! Nothing is better than living life with your best friend! I love you Eric!


Brooke! said...

You guys are so cute together!
Man, those years have gone by fast, even for me! I remember when you got married and you guys living in Ephrem with your two little dogs!
And now you have two wonderful little boys!
Eric is a great guy and a great Brother in-law!
Hope you guys have a happy life together!


amber and cody said...

I love seeing those older pictures of you guys, you're such a cute couple and now such a cute little family! What a great way to propose, props to Eric :) I didn't realize you are such a Disney fan, I am too, we'll have to get together and play Disney Scene it in a few weeks! Happy Anniversary!

Coleman Fam Mom said...

Congrats you two! Don't you love to stroll down memory lane... such cute pictures! You both have put together a great little family!! I'm happy for you and wish you the best! -Angeline

Mel & Mike said...

5 years... WOW!! It really feels like yesterday. And now you have such a cute little family! Congrats!

Kirstin said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope you guys had a fun night....sorry for taking EJ for the day. I cannot believe it has been 5 years. I met you at the derby 5 years ago...Joe told me you two had just gotten married. It seems like just yesterday and forever ago all at once. Congrats.

Leslie said...

Hope you guys had a happy anniversary! I can't believe we've both been married for 5 years! It went by so quick! You guys are so cute...congrats!! And best wishes for many more happy years!

Autum and Rob said...

Happy Anniversary! As Rob would say, "Hang in there, cause marriage is tough"....(such wise advice after only 3 months of experience :)

Thanks for being great friends. You are both excellent parents to your two little boys! Seing those pictures of you and Eric brings back some good memories of the days we used to know.

Autum and Rob said...

I keep forgetting to tell Eric to look at the L&D nurse stories on my blog...I think he would think they were funny. It is under Favorites.

maryirene allen said...

5 years! awesome! we just had our 5 year in june. 2 boys too! i love your pictures. isn't great to look back and see how far you've come. makes me excited for the future.

Marci Rasch said...

Tara Tara! Yes I remember you and I am glad you found me! Your family is so cute! How fun! Kids and husbands and what make life so wonderful right?! :) You look happy and busy! Keep in touch! Tell leslee hello too!

Grandpa said...

You are such a LOVELY family. Always remember what makes you so close and loving and don't ever stray away from those things. Lots of Love. Grandpa