Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lovin the cake!

Here are some pics of Grady enjoying every bite of his first birthday cake!!
Needless to say he was very happy with the cake and the freedom to eat it however he wanted!


amber and cody said...

cute new background Tara! And I love the Catmull family stick figures :)

Brooke! said...

Cutest baby EVER!!!!!
Goose is such a little cake lover! It was heart breaking to see you take that away from him.
I love the Catmull family stick figures! They are so cute!

Brooke! said...

I don't know why it doesn't show the rest of the family!! I guess it is to big!
But I want to delete it, but I don't know how!
Do you know how?

Kirstin said...

what a cute mess! He looks happy and adorable!

Grandpa said...

What a FUN time! This is just the best Birthday Grady could ever have. All the cake he can eat and no one cares how messy he gets. TOTALLY AWESOME! He must take after his name sake.... Food......FUN..... and messy eating!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Goosey!

Sims Family said...

OH MY GOSH YOU ARE A DORK!!! you are of those upsest people.... ha ha i'm so mad that they make edward look like that. Jacob is so much cuter. not in my head ofcourse but in the movie... so gay! your page is WAY cute though!!!

Terry said...


What is up with your new pictures on your blog??? I can see that you don't like the Twilight books very much. LOL! Enjoy while you can because soon you will be finished and it will be ALL OVER! I like your boys pictures better than the Twilight pictures. Love ya.


Leslie said...

I didn't know you were a Twilight Fan!! I can't wait for the movie...November 19th!! How is everything?? So when are we gonna have that reunion??

Leslie said...

I meant 21st!! I don't know what I was typing!?!