Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 6 quirky things!

I was tagged by Katie, and as hard as it is to find fault in myself I will give it a shot! JK

1.I can never just like something, I have to be obsessed with it! Take Twilight, I can't stop thinking about, talking about and dreaming about these books! Ask my roommates in college about my bedroom! Hello backstreet boys!!! And don't even get me started on Disneyland!!

2. I am not creative at all! There for I never scrapbook or start craft projects and can't even really decorate my house!!

3. I want a dog so badly I can taste it! Even though it is not very logical in my life right now! I also obsess over this issue as well! Ask Eric!

4. I love the Cheesecake Factory but I will only order the same two things every time, for fear of not liking something else! Also the fear of wasting money and the trip to SLC! And I only like plain cheesecake!! With all the flavors to try, I only like plain!

5. I hate anything on my hands! Water, food, lotion, sand!! You name it I don't want it on my hands! I get very upset when I get really pruny fingers after a bath or hot tub! And I hate pulling ice out of ice cube trays! Not all of this is related, but I hate them all the same!
6. I talk too much and never know when I've crossed the line until after I'm done with the conversation! I have had many call backs to family and friends saying I'm sorry for talking too much and I hope I didn't offend anyone! I should really just not offend people in the first place! And especially with my family I need to learn to butt out! I want to be a better listener over all!

Well, everyone I know has pretty much been tagged so I tag Carlie and Courtney!


Leslie said...

You are so funny! Don't worry about being obsessed with Twilight! I justify it myself by saying that I'm not the only one! Just ask Joey about the history on our browser...most of it reflects Twilight related sights! I've accepted long ago that I am obsessed with the series and everything about it! GO TEAM SWITZERLAND! Anyways, it was fun to read how quirky you think you fun would life be if we weren't!?

amber and cody said...

LoL Tara you crack me up! oh man I totally understand what you mean about a dog! In fact we asked Eric about it a few months after we moved in and he said that you would probably love it but no... if you end up getting one i would totally help take care of it :) And I definitely don't think you talk too much, I love it when we get a chance to chat! We need to do it more... I'll have to come up and bring you a treat to repay you for those delicious cookies :)

Mel. Mike. Chan. said...

HA HA.... I remember the good ol' backstreet boys!! : ) you had them pasted all over your locker, and this was in high school. it goes WAY past college. I'm obsessed, actually REALLY obsessed with harry potter, which is why I'm afraid to read Twilight. I just know I'll have another obsession and I won't be able to put down the book until I've read all of them. I need to wait til I have 3-4 days straight to focus before I start reading : ) OK.. we really are coo-coo!

Mel. Mike. Chan. said...

ok... we for sure need to get together. do you check the hotmail email alot? it's the one you used to login to my blog. because I don't even have your number. you should email it to me : )

Autum and Rob said...

I have never eaten at the Cheesecake Factory but everyone says it is good! Once I can eat regular food Rob and I will have to go!

We will try to make it on Sat. Carter is getting his pics taken at 1 pm. The person taking them lives next door and said we can just come whenever he is happy. Hopefully we can get some cute ones then come, but we will give you a call!

Leslie said...

Hey what time are we doing the shindig on the 17th?? Just so I can ask for the time off if I need to...thanks!