Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zoo Trip!

On Tuesday we went to the zoo with my friend Brooke and her two kids! It was great weather and we had a lot of fun! There was hardly anyone there and it seemed like it wasn't really open without all the crowds of people! We just took our time and let the kids guide us through the zoo! They loved the animals! Grady had a great time because he could get out of the stroller and look at the animals and really seemed to understand what they were! He even made his tiger sound when we saw the big cats! Aiden loved the carousel and rode on the snake! He also loved the zebras and wanted to get inside the fence with them! He kept saying, "Here zebra, zebra" We had a great time at the zoo! Thanks for going with us Hunter Family!! Here are the kids looking at the elephants! Grady loved these guys!

The kids loved this ride! They cried and ran away from us when it was over!
This is where Aiden wanted to get in with the zebras!
Little Grady looking up at the huge giraffe!
My little Gorilla, Aiden!
You probably can't tell but this Gorilla is eating it's own poop! We couldn't believe our eyes and my friend Brooke was afraid he was going to throw it at us! He didn't but the kids had a grose story to tell when we left! EEWWWW!!!


Tyson and Lindsee Torgerson said...

I am so excited about Twilight too! My whole family is going together this saturday! I hope it is as good as the books!

Tyson and Lindsee Torgerson said...

PS. The zoo looked fun! I never made it to the zoo this year, that makes me sad. I love the zoo!

Tyson and Lindsee Torgerson said...

PPS. Sorry, I should have just done this all in one message but I kept forgetting. But I think all of us old dance friends need to get together sometime and catch up on life!

Marisa Jean said...

Isn't it crazy that it's warm enough to go to the zoo, in Utah, in the middle of November? I love the zoo. Haven't been in a while, but it's fun. As for eating it's own poo, it makes me wonder what humans do, being that apes are our closest to our makeup than any other animal. Just something to ponder.

Kirstin said...

Love those kids of yours... so cute! Um.. have fun at your prom tonight... I will be waiting for that post from you soon!

Hunter Family said...

A fun time indeed. I can't believe you posted the poo eating gorilla! That was just wrong in so many ways! Thanks for going with us! How was your prom? I want to see pictures.

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

Your boys are the cutest! So fun!