Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Aug. 29,1958 - June 25, 2009

Where do I start! I know when I was in I think fourth grade my mom recorded an interview Opera did with Michael Jackson! I fell in love right away! I must have watched that over 100 times! I liked him so much that I recorded the whole interview onto a cassette tape and would listen to it at night when I would go to bed! That is when it all started for me and my love of Michael Jackson! After that it was clipping articles, buying his tapes or cds, teaching my elementary friends his songs and making up little dances to them, I even went through many songs word by word and wrote them down to show my friends at school! (this is before internet) I used to take my walkman out at recess and show my friends my newest favorite song for the week! I couldn't get enough, I had 9 full video tapes of just Michael that me and my friends would watch at sleepovers and scream over our favorite parts! I have loved Michael for a long time and am heart broken that he is gone! When the tickets went on sale in London I wanted so badly to go, but I told myself that he would come here one last time and do a concert in the US. Now I will never have the chance to go! I remember one time I went to a play of "Joseph" and Donny Osmond was there because his nephew was playing Joseph. Now my mom was so excited because she loves Donny. But I remember sitting in my seat so excited and kindof nervous because someone who had met and shook Michael's hand was in the same building as me!!! All I wanted to do was ask him what Michael was like but I didn't get the chance! I knew this day would come and many times I thought of how I would react, but I didn't see it coming today! And I am reacting just like I thought I would, crying, crying, and crying! And recording all the news press about it! To many people I know this sounds silly or even stupid but I feel a great loss for the greatest entertainer of all time and a man that I have loved and stuck by for almost 20 years! I will always remember Micheal and the great impact he had on my life!! Just like his song for Ryan White, Michael was truly Gone Too Soon!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I know I haven't posted much lately so I will do a quick catch up! Well, summer is full swing we have been to the pool a few times, seven peaks once, a rainy summerfest weekend, kangaroo zoo, and lots of playing with friends! But the great mom that I am I forgot the camera for all of these events! For mother's day we got Aiden a bike and he hasn't stopped riding it since I leave it in my car so he can ride whenever he goes to Grandma's or Brooke's house! Sometimes when we go to the grocery store he thinks he can take it in and ride! I don't have much riding space in our yard but I put a video on here to show you how he improvises! Eric turned 28 on June 17th and we had a small party for him! (again no camera) He got a grill for his birthday/fathers day gift! We are excited to cook outside and avoid heating up our already hot house! Well I think that sums up the last few weeks! I hope to better at remembering my camera the rest of the summer! (I do take pics on my phone but don't know how to transfer them!)

This is a picture of Aiden after he knocked his front teeth on the bath tub! He wouldn't open up to show the bloody pushed back teeth but this is his fat lip! We called him our Who child from Whoville!

My little blue eyed boy!