Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aiden's Newest Trick!

After watching my friend Kirstin's blog all the time of Damon riding his bike without training wheels, Aiden thought he was ready to try it himself! He asked Eric to take off his training wheels, so this last Tuesday he did and Aiden was pretty sure that he would be able to ride it right away! I was amazed at how quickly he got it! The first day if we held his seat until he got some speed, he could ride all over by himself! No major crashes! The next day I showed him how to push with his feet until he got enough speed to pedal. Now he starts, rides and stops all by himself! He's already finding little hills to ride over when he goes to the church parking lot! He is so proud of himself, everyone he sees he tells them about how he can ride his bike! I can't believe he's growing up so fast! Today a bike with no training wheels, tomorrow a drivers license! :(


Sims Family said...

It really does seem like he is growing up that much... Makes me sad but he also makes me so proud! I just love him so much!

Katie and Derek Miller said...

go aiden! ry needs to come ride with you now!

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