Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Well, friday nights around have changed a bit! But i still have tons of fun with my little boyfriends. Eric was working last night so we got pizza and had a party ourselves! The bath is a huge highlight of the night for Aiden and Grady! Lauren my sister in law came over with one month old Korbin, Aiden trys to be so helpful with him and is so proud to be big enough to hold him. We love him very much, he is a great addition to our extended family! (Aiden also really loves Korbin's dad, Jeremy!) Sometimes the best dates are at home with your fam!


Leslie said...

Happy Mom's Day!

Mel & Mike said...

Tara... It's been forever lady! I found your blog from Leslie's. You have such a cute little family. Your boys are so handsome. I'm glad you're blogging so I could "catch-up" with you : )

ps.. our blog is private so if you want an invite, give Leslie your email and she'll give it to me, if you choose.

Brooke! said...

AWESOME! I wish I could spend my friday nights like that, with those cute little boys.
I like the music you have on here, it's off of P.S. I love you right? (sigh) such a sad movie!
Well have a great day, ttyl (talk to you later) just in case you didn't know what that ment. Ha ha ha jk.
Love ya,